I attempt a make shift drone out of a kite and a Gopro(horrible idea) And I get invited to the standard Highline hotel in NYC for 4 days as part of the tribeca film festival on my 36th birthday.

Kristin and I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I locate where all my keys belong and we go on some Podcast adventure with Profiles NYC

I attempt to do my first 24 hour vlog. Tougher than I thought. My family wanders Manhattan, I lose control of my drone and at midnight things are all good.

Kristin and I visit a really dirty apartment, i got bored on a Friday and we head to the footlocker Gala

I visit the smallest museum in NYC, go apple picking, lose my bro and hit the arcade 

Visiting the MoMA and recapping last 4 weeks. 

I visit the Statue of Liberty and go camping with my friends 

I visit the High Line on the west side of NYC and attend a best buds wedding.

I venture to Central Park, A place I have been near to all my life but haven't spent a lot of time. Check out Julian Lynch's music here https://julianlynch.bandcamp.com